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Palestine Map


Introduce your child to the map of Palestine with this customized poster of the historical country. All the illustrations were created by the most talented Arab Artists.

This miniature depiction of home can be displayed in your child’s bedroom or play area.

Palestine Map


Recommended by Arab parents all over the world​

Danay’s Mother

"Thank you so much!
The finishing touches,
The design.. Everything, everything is great! The book is so creative and I loooved it!
I want her to love her roots, And not to forget where she’s from.
The book as a gift is the best gift for any child! It’s so attractive and it’s a new idea."

Essa and Abdallah’s mom

"من الاشياء اللي عجبتني بعد ان يصير اكتب الاهداء اللي ابيه لعيالي داخل القصة😍

Rakan’s Mother

“I got goosebumps in the process of picking the order! This is going to be officially my gift to everyone!”

Donna & Melhem, Charbel & Giovanni’s Parents

“We loved the book so much! We love that it’s a family working for other families <3”


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