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My Trip to Iraq

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 Size of book closed: 28 x23cm

Size of book open:  56 x 23cm

Has your child ever explored the hidden gems of Iraq? Personalize this book and make your little one the hero of their own story as they go on an unforgettable journey of discovery to find their missing cat.

As they flip through the pages, your child will learn about their home country’s culture, taste the delicious food (yes, that includes mansaf), and meet the most extraordinary characters.

  •  Personalization applies inside and on the cover
  • Add your own free dedication to the first page
  • Choose a second language, with standard Arabic being the first
  • Ships worldwide

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• Add one name. We’ll put his or her name on the front cover and throughout the story. And for each universe he/she visits.

• Add your own dedication to the first page and we’ll print your message in the book for free!

Book closed : 28*23 cm

Book open : 56*23 cm

Joozoori is rated

(25) reviews

"Thank you so much! The finishing touches, The design.. Everything, everything is great! The book is so creative and I loooved it! I want her to love her roots, And not to forget where she’s from. The book as a gift is the best gift for any child! It’s so attractive and it’s a new idea."

Krystin, Danay’s Mother

Recommended by Arab parents all over the world