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Hi there and welcome to Joozoori!

We’re so happy that you’ve landed on our website. We have been working on Joozoori for many years now and we couldn’t be more thrilled to finally share our concept and products with you and the little ones in your world!
By offering customizable products for Arab kids, our goal is to help children grasp just how special they are, all this while helping to strengthen their connection with their roots and culture.

Sarah Zaraket

PhD in Digital Marketing.
Lebanese Algerian French

Hicham Zaraket

Marketer. Ecommerce Expert.
Lebanese Algerian Irish

Soufeina Zaraket

Psychologist. Illustrator.
Tunisian German


When you have a piece of home within you, you’ll take it with you wherever you go. That’s what it was like for our parents, who had Lebanese, Algerian and Tunisian roots. We grew up listening to all kinds of wonderful stories from back home. Tales about the generosity of Lebanon, the splendor of Algeria, and the colors of Tunisia. Tales about little baskets that dangled off balconies, the whiff of food filling cobbled streets and the golden glow of never-ending beaches.

But when our first child, Nora, was born in Berlin we searched endlessly for children’s products and stories that reflect our Algerian, Tunisian and Lebanese roots, to no avail. So, we retold the tales our parents told us, knowing that their beauty wasn’t being fully captured, neither visually nor linguistically.

That’s when our mission to create an Arab-centric children’s brand began, one that truly reflects the heart and soul of the Arab world, from its people and places to culture and language. 

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On behalf of the entire Joozoori family we wish you a magical shopping experience.

Love, The Joozoori Family


Joozoori creates products that aim to inspire children and their families to feel closer and more connected to their Arab roots.

We are a team of Arab artists, illustrators, writers, parents and dreamers who want to bring the Arab world closer to Arab children everywhere around the globe by sharing its places and culture in the form of personalized children’s stories, educational posters and other creative products.


Stories give the world meaning, and they help children develop a sense of belonging and identity. Thanks to our parents’ tales of home, we grew up knowing and understanding our roots. But there is a new generation of parents living abroad that might be running out of stories to tell, especially ones that feel close to home. From Snow White to Little Red Riding Hood, we realize that a lot of Arab children around the world are growing up to fairytales that don’t resemble them.

That’s how Joozoori came to life; a concept that aims to reinforce Arab kids’ sense of belonging to their home countries in a way that generic products and books never could.

Joozoori, which translates to “My roots”, brings Arab parents the first ever customizable book series for children, with 15 editions taking place in 15 different Arab countries; all written and illustrated by award-winning Arab creators. But Joozoori doesn’t stop at books. The concept encompasses a range of products that will help Arab children everywhere connect with their mother tongue and start to feel a sense of belonging to iconic places from home. Our growing product range currently includes customizable children’s books called “Kotobi” and posters called “Mulsaqati”.

With each one, we hope to spark a bond with home that defeats the challenge of long distances and the transformations of conflict and time.


Kotobi, or “my books”, are the first ever customizable books for Arab children in which you can specify your child’s:

You have the option of choosing 1 of 15 different countries in the Arab world in which the story will take place:

Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Syria, Oman, and Qatar.

Each book features a magical storyline and stunning illustrations that reflect your home country’s true culture. The story will take your little one, whether they are a boy or a girl, on a unique adventure through which they will discover their home, while having their name on both the front cover and within the book’s pages. That’s not all! The books are also bilingual with a language customization option. You can choose between:

(a) Standard Arabic and your local Arabic dialect
(b) Standard Arabic and English
(c) Standard Arabic and French


Mulsaqati, or “My Posters”, are a collection of educational posters designed by some of the most talented illustrators in the Arab world. We have 3 types of posters, each of which has been customized for 15 Arab countries:

Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar.

Both beautiful and educational, you can hang these posters in your child’s room or play area for a true feel of home.



To help parents bridge the gap between their Arab heritage and their children through fun and customizable products that celebrate the Arabic language and culture.


To create a world where Arab children everywhere feel close to their home country and its heritage from a young age, no matter how far they travel or how often they go home.


AUTHENTICITY: At the heart of our work is to capture the authenticity of home for Arab children everywhere, but especially those who live abroad. With every product we bring them a little piece of home that is theirs, and theirs alone.

PERSONALIZATION: We believe that personalization makes a difference in the way children consume stories and in the way they retain information about the world around them. We hope to make every Joozoori product feel familiar to your kids. A little piece of home.

IMAGINATION: Working together with award-winning illustrators and writers, our products aim to spark children’s imaginations and to inspire them to paint a more vivid and colorful picture of home that is uniquely their own.

PRIDE: All our products are exclusively created by Arab artists especially for Arab children. We are proud of our roots and want to share that sense of pride with every Arab child around the world, now and always.